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These include:.

However, the Access to Information Act is above any other act or legislation that may prohibit you or restrict you from having access to any information. If you need assistance or have further questions on how to access any information held in any department or by any public body, please contact the Deputy Information Officer or the Information Officer of the relevant department or public body.

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Skip to main content. To what information, held by government departments or any public body, can access be obtained? These include: personal records held by a government department or a public body third party information or records: only with permission from the relevant third party, especially if the documents contain confidential or private information information to which access is not restricted by the Promotion of Access to Information Act the records of Cabinet and its committees records that relate to the judicial function of a court information: obtained by a special tribunal that was established in terms of the law held by a judicial officer of such a court or tribunal held by an individual member of parliament or of a provincial legislature.

The Promotion of Access to Information Act should not be used when: the record is requested to be used in criminal or civil proceedings a criminal or civil proceeding has already commenced.

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What you should do Ask the deputy information officer of the relevant government department to help you access the information or the documents you need. Complete and submit Form A: Regulation 6: Request for access to record of public body.

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You can either obtain it from the office of the relevant department or download it below. If the information that you seek is not freely available, you will have to pay a request fee in the form of revenue stamps.

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You may also have to pay an access and a search fee. When requesting information from a public body, you have no obligation to state the reason you wish to exercise or protect your right. Note: This search is not certified, and printing charges may apply.

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Other Options N. This is also known as your Right to Review your North Carolina record. Third-Party Vendors Background Check for Yourself or Others Unofficial record checks may be conducted through third-party companies that will sell information to you. Each company has its own set charges.

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The N. The records that the NCAOC provides to the companies are accurate reflections of the data in the databases of the clerks of court, but the NCAOC cannot guarantee that the information the companies provide to their customers is current or accurate. View the list of companies. Remote Public Access to N.

Court Data Ongoing access to criminal and civil court data in all N.