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The County Clerk does not provide copies of birth certificates.

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Profile Picture or Avatar. Wyoming District Courts have general jurisdiction to handle all civil and criminal cases, but usually handle only the cases that other courts have no jurisdiction over. Typical criminal cases that District Courts usually handle include some misdemeanors, lesser-included offenses, and felonies. District Courts can impose certain penalties in certain types of ordinance violation cases. However, most ordinance violation cases are usually handled by Circuit Courts or Municipal Courts.

Civil cases that District Courts usually handle include general civil claims that Circuit Courts cannot handle. They also handle cases requesting injunctive relief, domestic relations, probate matters, and juvenile matters. Every District Court has a Juvenile Court division that handles certain types of cases, including child neglect, juvenile delinquency, judicial consent to abortion, child in need of supervision. Wyoming Circuit Courts have jurisdiction to handle certain types of criminal and civil cases.

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General criminal cases that Circuit Courts usually handle include felony preliminary hearings and misdemeanors. Circuit Courts share jurisdiction with District Courts over misdemeanors, and they have original jurisdiction to handle misdemeanors. With an agreement of a municipality, Circuit Courts can handle violations of municipal ordinances.

Cases related to family violence protection are also heard by Circuit Courts. Civil cases these courts handle include landlord-tenant cases, disposal of abandoned vehicles, small claims cases, enforcements and foreclosure of certain liens, claims for recovery of a private or personal property, and claims for recovery of money. The decree contained the following as one of its findings:. The new Birth Certificate shall also reflect that the child's surname will again be [M] and after this Decree is entered, the child shall be known as [NSM]. DNW contested the paternity action based on both the statutory affidavit of paternity and the statutory presumption of paternity resulting from MDG's living with and holding out NSM to be his child.

The question before the Court is fundamentally a question of statutory construction, which is a question of law reviewed de novo. Hoke v. Where, as here, the statute at issue is unambiguous, we ascertain legislative intent by giving effect to the plain and ordinary meaning of the words used. The Wyoming Parentage Act was amended in , with the proviso that actions commenced before July 1, were to be governed by the law in effect at the time proceedings were commenced.

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Laws The pertinent statute in effect at that time was Wyo. If two 2 or more presumptions under subsection a of this section arise which conflict with each other, the presumption which on the facts is founded on the weightier considerations of policy and logic controls. A presumption under subsection a of this section is rebutted by a court decree establishing paternity of the child by another man or, after the court finds by clear and convincing evidence that the child was not born of the marriage, by a divorce decree expressly declaring the child was not born of the marriage.

The consent of the mother shall include an affidavit with her social security number, stating that she was not married at the time of conception or at the time of birth of the child.

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The father's affidavit shall include a statement of the right to withdraw the affidavit of paternity as provided by subsection d of this section on or before sixty 60 days of the signing of the affidavit of paternity, or by the date of a judicial proceeding relating to the child in which the signatory of the affidavit is a party, whichever occurs earlier.

A minor parent's affidavit of paternity and acknowledgment shall also be signed by a legal guardian of the minor parent and include the social security number of the minor. Within ten 10 days after receipt, the office of vital records will provide notice of the withdrawal to any nonwithdrawing party at the address supplied on the child's birth certificate.

The legal responsibilities arising from the signed affidavit of paternity, including child support obligations, shall not be suspended during any challenge under this subsection, except for good cause shown. The facility providing the affidavit shall forward the completed affidavit to the state office of vital records.

Upon request, the state office of vital records shall provide blank affidavits of paternity to any facility making such request under this subsection. That affidavit was not timely withdrawn, and MDG never even attempted to prove that it was obtained as a result of fraud, duress or material mistake of fact.

His paternity of NSM is, therefore, final and conclusive. The provision of the earlier divorce decree purporting to disestablish MDG's paternity of NSM was beyond the court's statutory authority and was, therefore, void. In re TRG, P. To allow the bald assertions of a subsequent divorce settlement agreement to set aside that conclusive effect would be directly contrary to clear legislative intent. NJM is the Child's Mother. Biologic father did not think he was the father and he never heard from Mother again. Trial to the court was conducted on June 7, On July 31, , the district court entered its order identifying the biologic father, but the district court did not address either support or visitation at that time.