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A glitch may occur which causes the last car that the player delivers to Stevie to keep respawning in the same location no matter what. However, these will lose their special colors when resprayed. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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Namespaces Article Discussion. Tools What Links Here? This page was last modified on 27 March , at Content is available under Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Rooftop of the multistory parking lot, Francis International Airport , Dukes. Lompoc Ave, Bohan Industrial , Bohan.


Golden Pier parking lot, Westminster , Algonquin. Northern Gardens , Bohan. The riskiest of all the vehicle thefts because there are usually cops standing right next to it, making being arrested a real danger, and a wanted level a guarantee. On the southern end of the pedestrian promenade, Asparagus Ave.

Rotterdam Hill , Broker. A glitch may occur in which the soft-top is missing; if the car is delivered without it the full amount is not paid out. Parking lot just north of the water treatment plant in Charge Island.

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In front of a glass clad tower connected to another tower via a skyway , South Parkway, The Exchange , Algonquin. On the driveway of a house at Aspidin Drive, Berchem , Alderney. This is the only car without a unique color. However, unlike in many past GTA games, it appears none of the special vehicles in GTA IV possess special abilities such as being fire proof, damage proof, etc.

click Warning: Many uniquely-colored vehicles will be resprayed to normal colors upon repair, therefore the player will never be able to revert back to the unique color in Pay 'n' Spray. Many of Stevie's if not all car thefts are also unique. To make this happen, spook a girlfriend while in the vehicle and after the cutscene where she gets out of the vehicle, the vehicle should become bullet-proof, explosion-proof, fire-proof and damage-proof.

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The vehicle will still deform, but will never start smoking, stall, or catch fire. The car's tires are bullet-proof too but the tires can catch fire and explode however. This trick applies for any vehicle including helicopters, although the helicopter still deforms and blades still break if they suffer any impact.

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The vehicle then can be saved at any safehouses and keep these special abilities forever.