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Can you confirm that this will not be possible as the office will be closed for collection of the marriage licence? Hi Dawn. The Skagway office is closed on Fridays. You may call their office to see if they'll make a special arrangement.

My fiance and I are from out of state and want to get married elope in Alaska while we are there for a short trip. We will not be there long enough to file the marriage license application and wait 3 days due to us having to leave. Are we able to fill out the application and have a notary in Texas notarize and witness our signatures and then mail or fax the complete document ahead of time and then pick it up once we are in Alaska and have it be ready for us to proceed with the marriage? Hi Danielle.

Yes, you can notarized, then mail or fax your marriage license application. Your marriage license will be ready for pick up three days later. Be mindful of the office hours before arriving. Not every office is open Monday through Friday. And not every office keeps typical hours. Common-law marriage has diverse names, from "marriage in fact", "marriage by repute and habit", "informal….

Apart from imposing penalties and fines on offenders across the divide, states around the country have enacted laws imposing non-offender…. One of the truths from research is that through premarital preparation courses and programs divorces are reduced and healthy marriages…. Where to Apply How do I get married in Alaska? Should I apply in trial court or vital records? Who do I submit my paperwork to? The licensing officer or court clerk will guide you, prepare the forms, and take payment.

What documents will I receive? Residency Is there a residency requirement? You do not have to be a U. Costs How much is a marriage license? How much is a reissued marriage license? How much is a certified marriage certificate? How much is a noncertified heirloom marriage certificate? How much is a civil ceremony? It is by appointment only. Bring two witnesses.

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Usage Where can I use my marriage license? You may use your marriage license anywhere in Alaska.

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It is not valid outside the state. Can I use another state's marriage license in Alaska? You may not use another state's or country's marriage license to wed in Alaska. Application What form must I fill out?

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You must fill out and swear to the following on the marriage license application: Designation Bride, groom, or spouse Name First, middle, last Birth surname As shown on your birth certificate Birthplace City and state or foreign country Address Or PO Box Phone number Social security number If you have one Collected on a separate form If you're related by blood First cousins may not marry Document each prior marriage Date and place married Ex-spouse's name End date End place End reason e.

Your application will be a public record.

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Anyone may inspect it during normal office hours. Will my social security number be on the public record? Attendance Do I have to apply in person? You may mail or fax a notarized application instead of applying in person. Can I submit my application online? You cannot apply for a marriage license online. Apply by mail, fax, or in office. Age Requirements How old must I be to marry? Aged 18 and over? If you're at least 18 years old, you may marry without the consent of a parent or guardian.

Aged 16 and 17? Aged 14 and 15? If you're 14 or 15 years old, you may marry with a court order from a superior court judge. Aged 13 and under? The marriage license issued by a licensing officer in this state authorizes the marriage ceremony to be performed anywhere in the state. The license shall be directed "to any person authorized by the laws of this state to solemnize marriage," and shall authorize that person to solemnize marriage between the parties identified by the license within three months of the date of the license.

Same-sex marriage in Alaska, Wyoming can proceed after court orders

If either party is not of legal age for marriage, that party's age and the fact of the consent of the parents or guardian of the underaged party shall be stated. If either party has previously been married, the number of previous marriages shall be stated. The registrar may require other matter necessary to identify the parties to be included in the license.

The issuance of a license does not remove or dispense with any legal disability, impediment, or prohibition rendering marriage between the parties illegal, and a statement to that effect shall be included in the license. A licensing officer shall make available an application for a marriage license for completion by the parties who wish to be married. The officer shall keep the completed applications, a record of licenses issued, and all other information that the officer is required by law to obtain.

These records shall be kept in the office of the licensing officer and shall be open for public inspection or examination during normal office hours. The registrar shall furnish all necessary forms to each licensing officer. The registrar may require reports of licenses issued upon forms to be furnished by the registrar.

The registrar shall establish marriage license fees and provide for accounting for and disposing of the fees. Nothing in this chapter repeals or abrogates any part of AS The records and requirements leading up to and including the issuance of the marriage license are included in the definition of "vital statistics" under AS The registrar shall supply the necessary forms and instructions for the licensing officers.

The officiating person shall determine that the parties presenting themselves to be married are the parties named in the license. If the officiating person knows of a legal impediment to the marriage, the officiating person may not perform the ceremony. After a license has been obtained, a marriage solemnized before a person professing to be a minister, priest, or rabbi of a church or congregation in the state or a judicial officer or marriage commissioner is valid regardless of a lack of power or authority in the person, if the marriage is consummated with a belief on the part of the persons so married, or either of them, that they have been lawfully joined in marriage.

When a religious ceremony between two parties follows a civil ceremony between them, one license is sufficient for both ceremonies. Sandoval , Judge Burgess ruled for the plaintiffs and declared Alaska's statutory and constitutional bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. All marriages in Alaska must have the marriage license issued before the ceremony is performed. We expect our office will be busy tomorrow [October 13] but we will make every effort to help customers as quickly as possible.

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On October 13, the state asked the district court to issue a stay pending appeal, which was denied. On October 22, the appellants asked the Ninth Circuit for an initial hearing en banc. Richards was reported to be reviewing the case. Governor Walker, who took office on December 1, said in a statement that he opposed spending on litigation with little chance of success.

Supreme Court in DeBoer v. Following the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide, the Ninth Circuit accepted on July 1 a joint notice to dismiss the appeal, filed by the state and the plaintiffs. In February , a bill which would reflect the legalization of same-sex marriage was introduced in the Legislature.

Alaska ban on same-sex marriage ruled unconstitutional

It would replace the terms "husband and wife" with "spouses". Democratic Rep. Andy Josephson said the U.