Obama hires terrorist-connected lawyer to defend forged birth certificate lawsuit

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Leave a comment. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. President Donald Trump has a long, and sometimes complicated, history with race. At the same time, he has insisted that he wants to unite the country. Donald and Fred Trump are accusedof violating the Fair Housing Act by discriminating against potential minority renters.


They insist they are innocent and fight the sweeping charges. The Trumps settle with the Department of Justice over housing discrimination charges, agreeing to meet certain standards while not admitting any wrongdoing. The Department of Justice accuses the Trumps of continuing to discriminate in spite of their settlement.

The New York Times reports that two Trump properties have populations that are 95 percent white. After five young men of color — known as The Central Park Five — are arrested for a brutal attack on a jogger, Donald Trump buys full-page newspaper ads stressing law and order and urging return of the the death penalty.

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He writes that white, black, Hispanic and Asian families have lost a sense of security in their neighborhoods. Trump tells Vanity Fair he did not want to join a Palm Beach, Florida, club because it does not allow black or Jewish members. A judge rules against the Trump Plaza Hotel in New Jersey, concluding the hotel discriminated in removing a African American dealer from a table at the request of a wealthy player. Trump turns his Mar-a-Lago resort into a private club open to Jews, African Americans and all races , breaking with many other local elite clubs in Palm Beach, Florida.

Twenty people from Indiana sue Trump , alleging he did not make good on promises to hire a large number of local minorities for his new casino. Trump agrees to apologize and pay a fine for secretly financing sharp ads opposing a Native American gambling proposal. In a YouTube video now marked private , Trump accuses Jon Stewart of racism and says there is a double standard Stewart seemed to use a voice imitating Herman Cain.

He does not seem to accept research showing that rapes of women crossing the border are largely done by traffickers. After saying it found use of a racial epithet to describe African Americans on his Facebook page, the Trump campaign fires longtime Trump aide Sam Nunberg. Nunberg denied he wrote such posts.

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The following day, Trump says this was because he had a bad earpiece. May 5, Taco salad. June 11, Misleading claim on black unemployment. This,after he had pledged in December to ban all Muslims from arriving in the U. Advisers try to walk back the comments and say the ban would focus on countries associated with terrorist groups. July 11, The law and order president. July 12, Blacks not necessarily wrong about police. In the same interview, he criticizes the Black Lives Matters movement.

Trump indicates he thinks the South could have settled without war. July 30, Ghazala Khan. Trump questions why Gold Star mother and Pakistani-American Ghazala Khan was silent when her husband spoke at the Democratic convention. Khan later said she did not speak because she was overcome by emotion. Trump directly asks for African American votes in a speech about law and order. He vows to protect minorities from immigrants who could take their jobs and accuses Hillary Clinton of bigotry.

He also repeated incorrect statistics about black youth unemployment. Trump participates in a roundtable discussion with black leaders and community members affected by crime in Philadelphia. Trump attends event at African American church in Detroit. In a word statement at his D. You walk down the street and you get shot. DNA evidence concluded another man committed the crime.

During the second presidential debate, Trump equates inner cities with African Americans and falsely states the urban black poverty rate inflating it by nearly 20 percentage points. Randal Pinkett, the first-African American champion of the show, tells the Hollywood Reporter that Trump asked him if he would share his title with the runner-up — a white woman. The site says the list came from the Trump transition team. Alexander Acosta, of Hispanic descent, was later nominated to be labor secretary. Day Jan.

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Politico later reports the State Department had drafted a version which did mention Jews, but the White House blocked its release. He praises Martin Luther King Jr. He also seemed to speak as if 19th-century abolitionist Frederick Douglass were a living person. He said he would love to meet with the CBC and asks Ryan to set up a meeting.

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He has a tense exchange with a young Jewish reporter asking about an increase in anti-Semitic acts. Trump toured and spoke at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, pledging to unite a divided country. He also denounces racism and anti-Semitism following a rise in vandalism and threats nationwide. Trump uses his last weekly address of the month to praise the African American community.

He again pledges to improve education, jobs and safety. Trump speaks with and takes an Oval Office photo with a large group of Historically Black College and University presidents. Trump signs an executive order moving the Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities to the White House and calling for greater efforts to find funding.

http://mfo.mlsit.ru/libraries/k-gdz-po-matematike.php In his first address to Congress , Trump begins by speaking about African American history month and recent anti-Semitic crimes. He calls for unity. Black female lawmakers wear black flowers to represent concern for his stance toward minorities. Elijah Cummings, D-Md.

Leaders of the group present him with a page document outlining issues and ideas for the black community. April 17, White nationalist says he acted because of the president.

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A white nationalist leader facing charges he assaulted an African American protester in defends himself in a court filing by claiming he was acting based on the words of then-candidate Trump. April 27, Aide: The president is trying harder than black activists. June 9, Invitation to black leaders. June 21, Invitation declined.