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Award winners were selected by a committee that was chaired by Dean of the College Jill Dolan. Princeton has honored secondary school teachers since The University received an anonymous gift from an alumnus to establish the program. Duncan's approach is clear even before students walk through his door. They wipe their feet on a doormat before entering his room, symbolically leaving behind the stresses of their day. They begin each class by composing haikus that are read aloud, building confidence from the sound of the bell.

Music sets the mood and enhances his teaching.

Princeton to honor four outstanding New Jersey secondary school teachers

Mistakes are encouraged as stepping stones toward success. There are bad circumstances, bad home lives, poor nutrition, but never bad students. The school at which I teach draws deeply from wells of hardship, and I know that I will fail them if I ever become too callous or too exhausted to address that. Duncan, who has been at Saint Anthony for seven years, teaches algebra, algebra II and algebra II honors courses to students in grades nine through Sophomore Maria Osilla wrote that Duncan's support helped her learn about algebra, but also perseverance.

Duncan holding a rope. He would pull me out of the hole. Barbara Fasano has known she wanted to become a teacher since the fourth grade, when she would gather her siblings around a miniature chalkboard for a lesson. Today, the students gathering around Fasano are ninth-graders at High Point Regional High School in Sussex, where she teaches Advanced Placement world history and world studies. She has been at the school for 14 years and had built a reputation as a master teacher and championship-winning softball coach when she took on a new challenge in Dilongis was a teacher in the business department at PV.

I believe she was born in and possibly was graduated from Kent State. I cannot find her anywhere. There are only a couple of women with her name found in the white pages and they are too young to be her. That's all I have on her. Klaus was a business teacher at PV. She retired from there in July of after 38 years. She will be 70 this year. Schwinge was a teacher in the business department while we were at PV. I do not believe he continued teaching at PV nor anywhere else in N. I find only two Richard Schwinges in the entire country, one is 72 and living in Patchogue, N. That is all I can find and the 72 year old is most likely to be him.

She began her career in but not at PV as it had not been built yet. She eventually worked there as a guidance counselor and retired from PV in July of after a 40 year career. She has lived in New City, NY for a very long time and never married it appears. She is now 90 and will be 91 sometime this year.

Bonica was a long time phys ed teacher at PV who retired in July of She lives in River Dale, NJ and will be 71 this year. Joosten was a math teacher when we were at PV. He is 72 years old. Barcaro came to PV about as a Spanish teacher. She retired early in April of She lived with her husband Richard in Emerson, after which they moved to Florida, living in Pinellas Park.

Her husband died in at age She is 82 this year. Kaufman was a longtime French teacher at PV who retired in July after 27 years there. She will be 80 on November 1, Cavalucci was born in and raised in Rutherford, NJ where he was graduated from high school.

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He appears to have majored in Phys Ed and became a gym teacher at PV. He also became the head football coach after we left smart move: , taking over from Mr. Fusco and coaching from to He also appears to have started a business called Cavalucci Construct- ion Company and his name is listed as its supervisor on its website but he is long since retired from that. Cavalucci is still living in Park Ridge where he has lived for many years and will be 86 this year.

Cavalucci died in and I thinkhe was He had suffered from severe health problems for some time. I believe his wife predeceased him by a year or two. And I am not completely sure he was at PV whenwe were there but started in the fall after we left.

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There was a big writeup in the Record and a Charlie McGill cartoon from his coaching days. I think he had been a coach in the old World Football League and left that job to teach and coach at PV. Wonder if he regretted that? Downs was born in and was an English teacher while we were at PV. He is now 88 years old and lives in Suffern, N. Sulyma was the co-vice principal with Frank Sullivan.

Later, Mr. Casperson would join them.

These are N.J.'s top 21 teachers of the year. See who made the list

Must have been a lot of troublemakers after we left :. He started teaching about and retired as vice principal in July of though I can't say if he spent all that time at PV. Although I have plenty of stories about Mr. Sullivan, as for Mr.

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Sulyma I have but one that stands out. One fine spring day in , Frank Casamento bet Howard Dempsey five dollars if he would streak around the school butt naked. Howard took the bet and after gym, changed out of his clothes by the rear gym entrance. At the same time, rumors had spread around school that someone was going to be streaking near the gym. A bunch of us went from lunch to the hallway outside the gym as we did not know exactly where to view this spectacle. As we stood outside the gym, Mr. Sulyma came by and ushered us down the hallway and outside by the tennis courts.

As we stood outside, he began to give us a lecture about congregating in the hallways at lunch. He began to raise his hand for emphasis and as if on cue, Howard came running by at full speed with only his socks, sneakers and a ski mask on. Sulyma, not expecting this sight, froze in mid sentence and all he could do was yell after Howard and say, "hey! Sulyma went back inside to get help Sullivan and we followed Howard to the front of the school. By now dozens of kids were leaving the cafeteria going to the back of the school as they also heard about what was to take place.

click Girls shrieked, guys laughed and poor Howard, realizing he had nowhere to go, turned back and ran back to the gym. He put on his clothes and entered the gym but by this time Sulyma had figured out where the culprit had come from and had Casperson with him and they encountered Howard as he entered and knew they had their man.

He was suspended for two days and that was it. He went on to become the president of the Montvale Board of Education. He took Mrs. Colon, one of the school's secretaries with him. I used to work for her and just spoke to her daughter. He lived in Montvale and will be 80 this year.

He moved with his wife Ann, to whom he was married since , to Lawrenceville, Georgia in where they lived to the present day. His wife died March 10, in Lawrenceville. Demes began her career at PV in and retired there in July as a long time math teacher.

Livingston Board of Education School District

She and her husband have lived on Grand Avenue in Montvale for many years. I run into her several times a year at Davey's Locker Restaurant in Montvale and she and her husband are very friendly folks who chat with the other patrons who know them. Hering was a long time English teacher at PV and retired as such some years after we graduated. In her retirement she became an author and has written two books.

One was called, " A Woman Possessed " which dealt with the abominable working conditions in the silk mills of Paterson. The other was called, " A Woman Beloved " which dealt with the treatment of the mentally ill and the alcoholic at the turn of the century combined with a love story which takes many twists and turns.