Oldsmobile 403 engine partial vin location

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Home Help Login Register. Can any body please help me by give me a picture to where the engine vin number should be located. It will also tell you the vehicle line it was fitted to 2 for Pontiac, not Olds and the Production Line factory with a Letter. The serial number second half should also match the stamped number on the firewall behind the heater box, if original to that vehicle. Had I not been the original owner, and previously replaced most mechanical parts and rebuilt the transmission, I likely would have sold it in as-is, poorly operating condition.

A few months after the engine repair my car was stolen. When I called my insurer to inquire about comprehensive coverage, they informed me I could obtain theft coverage apart from comprehensive at a much lower cost. After discovering how inexpensive theft coverage was, I added it to my policy as a hedge against financial loss and to provide a down payment on a replacement vehicle. Incidentally, my replacement vehicle is my first used car purchase.

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And, yes, I love driving it! I luv tha car to death and now im faced with a hard decision.. This question makes sense because your 93 STS without an engine is not worth much as it is. I hope this helps. I can tell you this: I have never regretted for one second replacing my engine. I seem to love my Caddy even more, and am motivated to take extra good care of it so I can drive it for years to come.

I will put that into consideration.. Hi Joe. I found your blog after asking Google if I should replace my engine or not. Everything else in the car checks out except for the engine. If I do fix the engine, it will not add to my debt because I save for a rainy day such as this. I do love this car but I can not make this decision based on my love for the car but rather what is the more financially responsible decision.

vicentsoftware.cl/wp-content/expunging/9085.php You stated that you love the car, but your decision should be based on what is financially responsible. But I believe loving the car is a big factor because you will baby it, keep it longer and therefore milk the value out of it. I had people telling me the same thing about my Caddy, but I am glad I went ahead and replaced that engine…I love it even more now. I was in the same boat with my Monte Carlo.

At the time, had k on it and everything was in great shape — minus the fact that I was leaking antifreeze between the lower intake and heads. The aluminum head had corroded somehow in that area — probably a casting defect. Not to mention, I know the entire history of the car from day one. It also helps that I do most of my car repairs myself. It has been a year since my new engine and I now have k on my Monte Carlo and it drives like the day I bought it. The good thing is that since most of my Monte is new, I have some breathing room for that.

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The only thing my Monte could use right now is a new fuel pump, which I am going to replace myself it has an access panel, thankfully. Not a big deal, really. The other bonus is some people have classic cars that they love.

In my case, I have an older car that I love and still get to drive everyday — just like it is new. Hi Joe, Just wanted to thank you for responding to my question and to update you. When picking up the car, my mechanic suggested I get a protection plan for the car since it is 10 years old to cover myself if another large costing issue occurs. Have you purchased this type of protection for you DeVille?

Or would you recommend getting one? This being said, I have had good success with a protection plan through ASC. My concern about buying a protection plan directly from the warranty company is that they have to cover themselves for cars which are in sad condition, resulting in high fees and, as your friends said, are scams or are hard to work with. Bottom line: when buying from a dealer, I would strongly consider a warranty like ASC. In all other cases, I would self insure with my emergency fund.

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The dealer is giving a 3 year, 30, mile warranty, the after market place is only giving us a 90 day warranty. Clearly if I change the engine I should plan to change the transmission too.. Also if I order the engine from the dealer should i have them install it too or have my my mechanic do it? I think you helped me make my decision.. Also we are about to finish paying it off this year and would not like to incur any additional debt. We are going to have to figure out how to be a one car family until we can get the money to repair the car…But it should be better for us in the long run.

Damion — I am glad this article helped. It has been nearly a year since I put the Jasper engine in my Caddy, and I have absolutely zero regrets! If that is your cadalic, you had a good warranty on the motor. Have them replace the motor at their costs. I have the same problem with a sonoma.

The engine went at , plus. The price includes everything. Clutch, flywheel, the works. I love the truck. Right or wrong. I assume it is worth junk without the engine. But if you have babied your Sonoma, you love it and you will continue to care for it, you should go ahead and spend the money. One more thing. Get yourself a new engine.

An old trusted car with a new engine is better than a used car that you do not know what hidden problems there are. Anyway, we are going through the same situation and what I am sharing here is our decision. Your email address will not be published.

The Olds 403 is BACK!!! Problem Fixed Classic G-Body Garage

Should I Sell it, Fix it or Junk it? Now I am going to find out if I put my money where my mouth is. Factors to consider: I love the car. It has , miles on it.