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The Revenue Commissioner is not required to mail tax notices and does so only as a courtesy to the taxpayer. You are responsible for the payment of taxes whether you receive a statement or not. Taxes are collected on the following schedule for the year that ended on September You may pay by mail and avoid standing in line by mailing a check or money order to the Revenue Commissioner.

What Alabama Homeowners Can Do to Reduce Their Property Taxes

You may come to the county tax office and make payment in person. Ask your mortgage company to pay the tax bill. Paying taxes on property does not constitute ownership. State law allows taxes to be paid By persons other than the owner s. The taxes follow the property.

The tax liability must be satisfied by the property owner whether the taxes were incurred prior to current ownership. Never purchase property before having a title opinion from a reputable source. May be claimed on your principal residence, regardless of age or income.

Any homestead granted may be adjusted, rescinded or reinstated at any time by the local taxing authority granting such exemption as stated in c Code of Alabama. Industrial exemptions are available. Please check with the Revenue Commissioner for additional information. The state Legislature has set Property Taxes Ratios as follows:. These taxes are based on assessed value, determined by make and model of vehicles.

Ad valorem taxes are assessed in areas and must be paid prior to the purchase of the license plate. To register a vehicle in your name you must show proof of ownership.

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Proof of ownership for any vehicle models or after is an Alabama Certificate of Title in the name to which vehicle is to be registered. Proof of ownership for a vehicle or older is a notarized bill of sale including the purchase price and a description of the vehicle.

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It is also necessary to show that Alabama Sales Tax has been paid in order to complete registration. If the vehicle was previously titled in Alabama, any accrued taxes must be paid by the new owner.

Illegal Alabama Tax Sale Redemptions Part One

The owner will receive a decal to display on the right front corner as proof that the taxes are paid. A homestead exemption may be claimed if you own the manufactured home and live in it as your principle residence as of October 1st of the year you are applying for the exemption. In order for a manufactured home to be registered, purchaser must provide proof that Sales Tax has been collected and if applicable, Alabama Certificate of Title Application.

Contact our office at should you have questions about Sales Tax or applying for a Certificate of Title on a Manufactured Home.

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There is a penalty for late registration after November 30th. All property - real estate and personal property except that which is exempt by the Constitution and Laws of Alabama - is subject to ad valorem taxation and must be listed with the Tax Commissioner, Depot Street, Columbiana, AL , as of October 1.

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When you purchase or acquire property in Shelby County, you file your assessment with the Tax Commissioner on or before December 31 for any property you have purchased or acquired during the previous fiscal year September 30 to October 1. You must show proof of interest in property, such as a deed or other documentation of ownership and ID before being allowed to transfer property.

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  • In Shelby County, it is not necessary to reassess real property every year, unless there is some change either in ownership, mailing address, or description of property, or a physical change in the improvements or to the land. Such changes must be reported by the property owner to the Tax Commissioner by December However, business personal property must be assessed annually. Assessments must be made online between October 1 and December Is claimed at the time of assessment.