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Certain spouses are able to sit in the same room with their attorneys while settlement terms are negotiated. In other situations a Divorce Mediation can take place between two lawyers and one spouse, with the other spouse being in another room. A mediator is not absolutely necessary to have full Florida Divorce Mediation but sometimes mediators can be helpful, especially when dealing with a spouse who is reluctant to settle.

How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost?

Everything that happens in a Florida Divorce Mediation is confidential. Nothing that is done or said in a Florida Divorce Mediation can later be used as evidence at court. The theory of this is that spouses in Florida Divorce Mediations should be encouraged to speak freely about their situation in order to promote a full settlement.

If Divorce Mediation was not confidential the spouses would be more hesitant to be honest and open during the process.

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The only exception to the Confidentiality Rule is that a mediator is required to report any comments about child abuse or intention to commit a crime. The exact format of Florida Divorce Mediation can be flexible.

This flexibility allows spouses to be in different rooms or offices for that matter. The mediator is able to go between different rooms or law offices so there is separation and both spouses are comfortable. Plenty of people attend Divorce Mediation in Florida before filing for divorce.

What To Expect In A Florida Divorce Mediation – FL Divorce Attorney Linda Gruszynski explains

Pre-Divorce Mediation is not effective when 1 one of the spouses wants to stay married or 2 one is being unreasonable with settlement demands. Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce are essentially the same with the exception that in the Collaborative Divorce process the spouses must hire new attorneys to represent them if they want to file a lawsuit before all of the marital affairs have been settled. Or, you and your spouse can hire a mediator who can help you reach an agreement and prepare you for an uncontested divorce.

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Option 1 — The Attorney-driven Divorce. Hiring an attorney is your best option if you need legal protection from your spouse or if your spouse has already retained a lawyer. If you are unaware of what the marital assets are or how much your spouse earns a divorce attorney can investigate all of these details.

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Additionally, if you feel intimidated as the result of domestic violence or coercion, negotiating without a divorce lawyer is often a bad idea. If you and your spouse hire traditional attorneys, your attorneys will engage in a discovery process designed to gather information about you, your spouse, and your finances.

A Florida divorce can take as little as one month when you choose Easier Divorce mediation, but going to court can take two years or more. Now offering Florida's best and easiest divorce.


Divorce Mediation: How Does It Work? Orlando Attorney Explains

The 2 Day Divorce. Learn More. Call today! Florida divorce mediation is a more simple and less costly path. Kathryn Huffer is a mediator who focuses on Florida divorce mediation. This will help alleviate some of the pressure. Together, you can find the solutions that work for your family.