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KANG was also booked on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance and second-degree possession of stolen property. According to the Bellingham Herald, during the course of the investigation, Deputies found the license plates had been switched off a car reported stolen in Seattle, and Deputies recovered Welding Gas Cylinders taken from the storage unit. The renters of the storage unit confirmed the unit contained welding cylinders. Home Police Blotter.

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Share Facebook 0. Twitter 0. Pinterest 0. LinkedIn 0. Like this: Like Loading I'm a long time Skagit County Resident. He appealed his conviction on the issue of whether the trial court erred in allowing the corrections officer to be stationed next to him during his testimony as a security measure. Preliminarily, the Court of Appeals said that trial courts have broad discretion to make trial management decisions, including provisions for the order and security of the courtroom.

However, the Court also acknowledged that trial courts commit reversible error when they base their decisions solely on the judgment of correctional officers who believed that using restraints during trial was necessary to maintain security, while no other justifiable basis existed on the record. Furthermore, Courts have recognized that certain courtroom security measures are inherently prejudicial.

This includes shackling, handcuffing, or other physical restraints; gagging the defendant and holding a trial in a jail. Courts must closely scrutinize such measures to ensure that they further essential state interests. Here, however, the Court of Appeals was concerned that the trial court never stated case-specific reasons why this case or this defendant created the need for this security measure. And there is no indication that the State could show harmlessness beyond a reasonable doubt. Even though stationing an officer next to the witness stand may not be inherently prejudicial, allowing that measure created a risk that the jury might infer that Gorman-Lykken was dangerous or guilty.

The State cannot show beyond a reasonable doubt that stationing the officer next to the witness stand did not influence the jury. My opinion? Good decision. It silently says that the defendant is extremely dangerous and volatile. Juries are more likely to convict defendants who appear dangerous. Congrats to the Court of Appeals for deciding this one correctly! The Bellingham Police Department tweeted and facebooked notice that there will be a distracted driving emphasis on Friday, August 16th from ampm. Distracted driving — when drivers eat, put on makeup or text — causes more than 3, deaths a year.

Please contact my office if you, a friend or family member face criminal charges after being stopped for distracted driving.

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Hiring a competent and credible defense attorney who is fluent in pretrial motions practice is the first and best step toward getting justice. So starting today, police departments around the state will begin a nearly three-week long DUI emphasis. About departments across the state will participate in patrols between Aug. Along with extra patrols, the WTSC is placing signs in cannabis shops around the state to remind users not to drive impaired — and not to mix cannabis with alcohol.

Between and , about 75 percent of drivers in fatal crashes were also using alcohol or another drug, according to WTSC. Poly-drug drivers are now the most common type of impaired driver involved in fatal crashes. Responding to this trend, traffic safety officials are improving techniques used to test drivers for impairment from cannabis. Police officers are trained to draw and test blood, avoiding a lengthy wait in the hospital where the blood is typically drawn from the suspect.

Please contact my office if you, a friend or family member are involved in DUI or any other alcohol-related criminal charges. On November 27, , a person called to report a young child walking by himself. Officer Nixon responded to the report, and took custody of the child.

Eventually, the officer saw a house with its front door open.

He ran the license plate of the car in the driveway and learned that the car had been reported stolen. He called for backup.

Officers arrived. They surrounded the house, with one or two officers going to the back of the house in case someone tried to exit from the back door. Officers knocked loudly on the outside of the house and announced themselves for approximately 30 seconds. Come out with your hands up! Beach and his girlfriend Ms.

Hall emerged from a rear bedroom. They said that they were sleeping. The officers discovered the couple had outstanding warrants. The officers arrested Beach and Hall.

While searching Beach upon arrest, the police found a key to the stolen car in the driveway. The State charged Beach with one count of possession of a stolen vehicle. Beach moved to suppress any evidence resulting from the warrantless search.

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The State argued that the warrantless search was valid under the community caretaking exception because there was real and immediate danger of an ongoing home invasion. The trial court conducted a hearing pursuant to CrR 3. After hearing testimony by officers, the court found that the State had not established that the officers were acting within the scope of their community caretaking function, and suppressed the evidence. Also, the WA constitution is often more protective than the Fourth Amendment , particularly where warrantless searches are concerned.


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The Court said the community caretaking function exception encompasses situations involving emergency aid, and also routine checks on health and safety. Compared with routine checks on health and safety, the emergency aid function involves circumstances of greater urgency and searches resulting in greater intrusion.

Under the health and safety check test, the State must show that 1 the officer subjectively believed someone needed health or safety assistance, 2 a reasonable person in the same situation would believe that there was a need for assistance, and 3 there was a reasonable basis to associate the need for assistance with the place searched. Finally, the State must show that a reasonable person in the same situation would believe that there was a need for assistance.

The Court reasoned that here, there was a report about a child wandering blocks away. When Nixon stopped his police car outside of the residence, the child did not indicate that he had any connection to the house. No connection between the child and the house was established until after the officers entered. And here, the officers did not know of any requests for help from the house before they entered.

They did not know anyone was unaccounted for and saw no evidence anyone had been injured. The officers did not see any broken windows, signs of forced entry, or other evidence of a break-in. Once in the doorway, Officer Nixon did not see anything in disarray inside the home that would indicate a struggle or ongoing emergency. Possibly, evidence obtained through the search could be suppressed and the charges dismissed. This is excellent, progressive step toward decriminalizing low-level drug crimes.

Please contact my office if you, a friend or family member are charged with a drug crime. Binion reports that Tarra Simmons , a Bremerton attorney who after serving a prison sentence for drug-related convictions attended law school, said the new law will not only help those who have turned their lives around but also society at large. Despite her criminal history which denied her the opportunity to take the lawyer licensing exam, the state Supreme Court intervened in , allowing her to take, and pass, the test.