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However, the defendant was supposed to be in Nashville at a mission. Although the defendant could not be located at the residence, the owner of the residence, Richard Jones, told Officer McElroy that the defendant had been dropped off around p.

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Officer McElroy noted that he learned four children lived at this residence and that police records showed the defendant left the Union Rescue Mission on April 30, Richard Jones testified that the defendant was dropped off near his house around a. Jones testified that Janet Delzell did not live in the house next door.

The defendant testified that he had not left the mission for eight days prior to his arrest. The defendant further testified that he was arrested in a little park in Nashville across the street from a public library, and not in Stewart County. The defendant first denied going to Kentucky then admitted going to Kentucky with his ex-wife before going to Stewart County.

Delzell stated that the defendant accompanied her to Kentucky to pick up her paycheck. According to Ms.

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Delzell, the defendant did not want to drive back to Nashville so they stopped at a motel to get a room for the night. Delzell took the defendant to Stewart County and dropped him off. Delzell stated that her seven-year- old daughters were the victims in the prior case for which the defendant got community corrections.

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Delzell also noted that her daughters lived with her mother in Stewart County. On appeal, the defendant first argues that the trial court erred in revoking his community corrections sentence based on grounds other than those alleged in the revocation warrant. A trial court may revoke a community corrections sentence upon finding by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant has violated a condition of that sentence.

See State v.

Code Ann. Revocation of a community corrections sentence is subject to an abuse of discretion standard of review rather than a de novo standard.

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Community corrections revocation, like probation revocation, is commonly predicated upon a showing of a violation of the conditions of the program. Among the most prominent are court records related to Butch Cassidy, an assortment of records concerning Joe Hill, a collection of court material relating to the Mountain Meadows Massacre, and a range of items associated with the prosecution of polygamy in both the Territory and the State.

Territorial militia records, , ca. Information is available in this series on several participants in the Mountain Meadows Massacre.


Also records related to military court marshals can be found in this series. Research Criminal Records. Justice of the Peace : Logan Precinct Combined civil and criminal docket book, Series Complaints and summons, Series Criminal case docket books, Series Docket books, Series Clearfield. Justice of the Peace Justice dockets, ; Series Manti. Included are petitions for a pardon of John D.

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