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Now, the FBI effectively seeks to sever that agreement, suddenly asserting that "it is impossible to determine in advance what information is accurate, relevant, timely and complete. The Privacy Act should continue to operate for this important set of records.

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The obligations of the Privacy Act are important not only for the individuals who may have records in the NCIC database, but also for the effectiveness of the data system itself as a law enforcement tool. In Arizona v. Evans, the Supreme Court held that the Fourth Amendment's exclusionary rule did not require the suppression of evidence obtained during an arrest that was based upon false information in the NCIC database.

Justice O'Connor, writing in concurrence, asserted that it would be unreasonable, however, for a police department to depend upon a record keeping system that has no accuracy safeguards and routinely leads to false arrests. Nevertheless, she indicated that if procedures were not in place to help ensure the accuracy of the data, evidence collected during those arrests could be suppressed.

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Her concurrence underscores how the Privacy Act's data quality requirements serve as an important mechanism for ensuring the legitimate, effective use of the NCIC database for law enforcement activities. The FBI's unilateral decision to exempt this data system from the accuracy obligations of the Privacy Act puts criminal justice agencies at risk of unreasonably relying on inaccurate, incomplete information.

The Honorable Joseph I. Privacy Act of ; Implementation, 68 Fed. Evans, U.

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Los Angeles, F. This action poses significant risks to both privacy and effective law enforcement. Over 80, law enforcement agencies have access to the NCIC system.

  1. Federal Agencies Are Failing to Report a Range of Crime Statistics to the FBI's National Database.
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  4. The database includes records on wanted persons, missing persons, gang members, citizen arrest records, as well as information about stolen cars, boats, and other information. There have been several well publicized cases of innocent persons being subject to false arrest due to inaccurate information in the NCIC system.

    The FBI should work to improve the accuracy and completeness of the NCIC, rather than exempt itself from its well established legal obligations. Share this page:.

    Defend Privacy. Donate Now. More than 3, individuals from 47 states and the District of Columbia have signed an online petition to the Office of Management and Budget OMB also supporting the Privacy Act accuracy requirements. The petition drive will continue until the OMB acts on the request. Thank you for your support.

    The Honorable Susan M. This can include interviewing sources and conducting surveillance activities, such as monitoring court authorized wire-tapping or working undercover. FBI special agents must be willing to participate in arrests, raids, search warrants, and other dangerous activities. They may be involved in the investigation of large-scale criminal activities such as organized crime, drug trafficking, terrorism, and cybercrime.

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    Additionally, the FBI is involved in investigating incidents such as airplane hijackings and terrorist threats. The job of an FBI agent can be stressful and cause hardships. Although the scheduled workweek might be 50 hours, many work more than that. A special agent is considered on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week and may work holidays.

    Further, agents may be often placed in atypical situations, including dealing with people in traumatic situations and crime scenes that can be grisly and involve death. Agents may be transferred to any of the 56 field offices in the US or overseas for a temporary or extended period. A candidate must possess the right education, background, and mental and physical traits to even have a chance at becoming an FBI agent.

    Many agents have studied criminal justice, political science, engineering, computer science, or accounting, and some have completed a law degree.

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    The FBI considers applicants' fluency in a foreign language as a particular strength and often seeks applicants who speak specific languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, Korean, and Russian. In addition to education and work experience, candidates should be physically fit, have a strong mental attitude, be willing to be placed in dangerous situations, and be committed to the enforcement of laws and to protecting people.

    FBI special agent recruits must be US citizens and be at least 23 years old and under 37 years old unless granted a waiver. The application process is very extensive and includes interviews, written tests, polygraph tests, a background check, and drug tests.

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    Applicants must sign a release to allow the FBI to review their medical records, employment records, military records, law enforcement records, credit records, and other records. FBI Special Agents must acquire and maintain a top-secret security clearance. If you are planning to become an FBI agent, you should expect a process similar to the following:. Veterans who have served on active duty are given preference over non-veterans for open FBI Special Agent positions. Knowing a foreign language or having expertise in specific areas such as accounting, piloting a helicopter, law enforcement, engineering, physical science, or IT networking may put you ahead of other applicants.